Pathway to a PhD Course

How the course works?


90-minute seminars

Each seminar will go through the home exercise, essential steps during your search for a PhD, and a live demonstration.

detailed lecture notes

Receive professional and high quality notes following each seminar prepared by our PhD team.

home exercises & detailed feedback

Do exercises that allow you to practice and apply your newly-learned skills and knowledge.

weekly group discussions with lecturer during seminar

Access the top 1% of world experts from universities including Cambridge, UCL, and many others.

What will you learn?


Weeks 1-2

Researching your options

How to narrow down your topic, contact academics,

compare programmes and research deadlines


Weeks 3-4

Writing and sending an 'initial pitch' email


How to grow and use your academic network,

gain research experience and find a supervisor.


Weeks 5-6

Honing your proposal and applying


How to write a research proposal, find appropriate literature and research methods, and apply to PhD programmes.


Week 7


How and from where to apply for funding,

and how to maximise your chances of getting it.


Week 8


How to prepare for interviews,

common formats and questions.


Weeks 9-10

Preparing to start

How to increase your academic

profile and get ready to start researching.

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Course schedule

Week 1:

Researching your options part 1 (7 July 2020)

Week 2:

Researching your options part 2 (14 July 2020)

Week 3:

Preparing for research (21 July 2020) 

Week 4:

The initial pitch (28 July 2020)

Week 5:

Honing your proposal (4 August 2020)

Week 6:

Application (11 August 2020)

Week 7:

Finding funding (18 August 2020)

Week 8:

The interview (25 August 2020)

Week 9:

Getting ready to start (1 September 2020)

Week 10:

Getting started (8 September 2020)

Full course (10 x 90 min sessions) 199.95 GBP
Single session (1 x 90 min session) 49.95 GBP