Personalised English Classes

 Strengthen the academic rigour of your work and receive suggestions on improving your language.

Personalised Classes

Tailored classes to suit your English level and learning needs

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers have years of experience successfully teaching English to non-native speakers.

Free Personalised Report

Book a free session with a tutor to discuss your English speaking needs. At the end, even if you do not join the course, you will be given a report on your learning needs.

Affordable Prices

High quality classes at a fair and reasonable price. 

Why our English courses are different?

We assess your English speaking level and design a course that fits your needs.

Improve quickly

By identifying and attacking your weaknesses, you can progress faster.

Focused learning

We don’t give you generic courses. We design a special course customised to your specific English learning goals.

Engaging style

We ensure that you enjoy the activities in class, so that learning can be fun and effective.


Choose your goals

Making Friends

Socialising in English with international friends


Confidence to speak English in professional settings

Study Abroad

To improve university life in an English-speaking country


To access English language media and entertainment

Field Specific

To become familiar with the specialised language used in your field